ZONING DEPARTMENT MISSION: The mission of the Liberty Township Zoning Department is to enhance the quality of life in Liberty Township by working cooperatively with the public within the framework of the Zoning Resolution to enforce the regulations, preserve the character of the Township, encourage controlled growth, prevent blight and contribute to the over all advancement of the Township objectives.

THE PURPOSE OF ZONING: Zoning is a locally enacted law that regulates and controls the use of private property. A major purpose of zoning is to provide for the best use of land while preserving the character of a community. Another major purpose is to provide for the orderly growth of the Township, to protect and preserve property values and provide for the public health and safety. Zoning is also an important tool in attracting new business and industry to a community. The ability to attract new commerce to a community is vital for providing the tax base to support the services afforded the citizens of the Township.


The Zoning Department is located in the Township Administration Building, 1315 Churchill Hubbard Road, Youngstown Ohio 44505.

Office Hours:  Monday-Friday from 7am to 3pm.

Phone Number:  330-539-9838 Mr. James Rodway is the full time Zoning Inspector  and the Township Code Enforcement Officer

Email: jrodway@libertytwp.com