ROAD MAINTENANCE – Maintain 60 (centerline) miles of Township roads (120 lane miles), 181 roads or sections of roads, which includes:

  • Repair of road surface (cold patch, hot asphalt patch, hot asphalt overlay)
  • Repair of road base (excavation, installation of slag / aggregate base materials) 
  • Repair of road berms 
  • Street sweeping (Spring sweeping program, prep for street resurfacing, washdown from storms, etc.) 
  • Prep roads for resurfacing (contracted paving) – Prepare specifications, cut berms, inspect asphalt application, etc. 
  • Cut roadside weeds, brush, trees 
  • Snow & Ice Control – Plow snow from Township roads / cul-de-sacs, apply ice control material
  • Measure, prepare specifications for road striping

SIGN MAINTENANCE – Maintain ALL signs appurtenant to Township roads, which includes:

  • Regulatory Signs (Stop, Speed, Parking, Etc.)
  • Warning Signs (Curve, School Zone, Caution Children, Stop Ahead, Chevrons, Etc.)
  • Information Signs (Street Name, Parks, Etc.)
  • Construction Signs (Road Work, Detour, Etc.)
  • Guardrail, barricades, cones

STORM WATER MAINTENANCE – Maintain all storm water collection systems appurtenant to Township roads, which includes:

  • Construct, rehabilitate, and clean storm water collection basins
  • Install, replace, and clean storm water collection pipe and culverts
  • Construct new, clean storm water collection ditches
  • Prepare specifications for special storm water control projects (State Issue 2, Trumbull County Engineers Township Assistance Program)


  • Assist with special events (Liberty Fest, Founders Day, Music in the Park, LTBA ball fields)
  • Assist with special projects (Construct playground structures, picnic tables, volleyball courts, basketball courts, etc. – install associated equipment)
  • Storm water maintenance
  • Winterize parks for off season


  • Perform interments
  • Construct new, rebuild / rehabilitate old headstone foundations
  • Gravesite maintenance (Add topsoil, grade, seed, etc.)
  • Sale of Lots / Graves



  • Storm damage clean up
  • Roadside litter / trash dumped
  • Scrap tire collection / drop off
  • Installation & Removal of U.S> Flags on utility poles throughout Township for Memorial Day – Fourth of July Holidays
  • Road Dept. garage & grounds maintenance
  • Auxiliary Equipment Maintenance (Repair, modification, fabrication on equipment & tools – Daily / Weekly equipment operator maintenance