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Liberty Township Officials and Republic Services (formerly Allied Waste), the Township’s contracted refuse and recycling collection service provider, recently made some adjustments to benefit the residents for the collection procedures of bulky/large items.

Effective January 2, 2013, you may place one acceptable bulk item at the curb per month for collection at no extra cost without purchasing a “sticker.”  This adjustment does not change the procedure for the optional “Bag Program” for those residents who have limited refuse.  “Bags” will still be necessary for the collection of garbage if you are on that program.

As a convenience to our residents, Giant Eagle will be selling the bags – at their Belmont Avenue Store – for Township Residents on the “Bag” program.

Curbside recycling is available for all residents.  To encourage recycling, residents are provided up to two recycling bins at no additional fee.

For additional details, please call Republic Services at 330-793-7676

*** Please note that Liberty residents may request a 2nd recycling bin at no charge***

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Recycling Simplified Video





 PHOENIX—Dec. 19, 2012—After weeks of shopping, decorating and wrapping presents, the big day is finally here. The kids tip-toe down the stairs to see what surprises Santa has brought for them. The gift unwrapping frenzy begins and in an instant, your beautiful masterpiece called Christmas Day turns into a room filled with piles and piles of crumpled wrapping paper, torn tissue paper and shredded boxes. While dad tries desperately to remove the parent-proof plastic ties on this year’s hottest toy, Jinxy the cat is meowing in frustration as he tries to break free from the tinsel trap and bubble wrap. The kids have run off to play with their new toys and with a bow stuck to your forehead, you must now decide what to recycle or throw in the trash.

To help you decide what you can put in your residential recycling cart, Republic Services, the nation’s second largest waste and recycling company, created its own “Naughty and Nice” list of holiday materials that may be recycled by your local recycling hauler—keeping you on Santa’s “Nice” list. Regardless of which list an item falls on, Santa suggests that you consider reusing it first.


  • Boxes – gift, shoe and shipping style
  • Wrapping paper – plain or sparkly
  • Tissue paper
  • Holiday cards & envelopes – without embellishments
  • Gift bags – paper



  • Bubble wrap
  • Ribbons & bows
  • Gift bags – laminated, coated or dyed
  • Cellophane
  • Packing peanuts – Polystyrene  foam
  • Anything on the Christmas tree
  • Your Aunt Edna’s fruit cake



Some items that are recyclable individually are not recyclable when combined with other recyclable materials. Recycling companies need materials in the purest form possible; any cross contamination of material (metal and paper together; paper and plastic) make it difficult and more expensive to recycle.  

Toy containers – For example, toy containers made of heavy cardboard that surround a plastic container are not recyclable unless the cardboard is separated from the plastic.

That means the plastic window on the box of your favorite doll or action figure.

Sticky gift tags – They are not recyclable by themselves, but are acceptable if they are on an envelope or wrapping paper.

Christmas trees – While unadorned trees are recyclable, they cannot be placed in residential recycling carts. Customers should always check with their local waste service provider for collection times and pick-up instructions.

Always check with your local waste and recycling company to see what is on its Naughty and Nice recycling list.

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