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Liberty Trustees

Your township government consists of three Trustees and a Clerk, who is elected for a four-year term. The terms are staggered so that every two years, either one Trustee and the Clerk, or two Trustees, are up for election. The Trustees take office January 1st and the Clerk April 1st, following their election.

The Board of Township Trustees is the overall governing body of the Township. They decide issues of Township policy and are responsible for all expenditures of Township funds. They also appoint the Township’s Zoning officials and hire Township employees.

The authority of township government is limited to only those specific duties, which are delegated by State law. Townships do not have the authority to pass law, or to offer basic services such as water and sewer.
While the Trustees have no direct authority over these services, your Township officials can act as community spokesperson, bringing problems to the attention of higher elected officials and assisting with the solution of such problems. Your Liberty Township officials are always available to assist residents with problems dealing with Township, County and State government.


20-13   Motion that the Board of Liberty Township Trustees shall conduct its meetings in full compliance with the Ohio Sunshine Law and accordingly establishes the following rules for the scheduling and notice of all meetings:


The Board of Liberty Township Trustees intends to hold all Regular and Special meetings using Zoom Audio until further notice.  The zoom meeting notice will be sent to the media and listed on the draft agenda posted on this web site when possible. The Board intends to conducted a zoom audio meeting every Thursday at 8:30 a.m. unless there is a scheduling conflict. Any questions, please contact Administrator Martha Weirick at 330 759 1315 ext 1001. or or any trustee.

REGULAR MEETINGS – The Board of Trustees will hold Regular evening meetings on the third (3rd) Monday of every month beginning at 6:30 p.m. starting March 16, 2020.  The Board of Trustees will also hold Regular weekly meetings every Thursday beginning at 7:30 a.m. except for February 6, 2020 (Columbus Conference) and November 26, 2020 (Thanksgiving).  Notice of the Regular Meetings and any changes to the meeting schedule will be posted on the Township electronic signboard and Township website.  Because the 3rd Monday in February (Feb. 17th) is Presidents Day, the February Meeting will be held on Monday, February 10, 2020.


SPECIAL MEETINGS – Notice of special meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be given by posting notice of the meeting on the Township electronic signboard, Township website, and in a conspicuous place outside the Township Hall on a bulletin board or sign provided for that purpose.  Notice of all special meetings shall be given to the Vindicator, Warren Tribune Chronicle and any other newspaper or media that requests the same at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting, except in an emergency in which case the notices shall be given as soon as practicable. Additionally, the Township will provide advance notice of special meetings to anyone who provides the Township with postage pre-paid, self-addressed postcards or email address.


Arnie Clebone

Greg Cizmar

Devon Stanley


Liberty Administration Staff


Township Administrator – Martha Weirick – (330) 759-1315

Fiscal Officer – Steve Shelton – (330) 759-1315

Administrative Clerk – Teena Wylie – (330) 759-1315

Police Secretary – Marcy Orlando – (330) 759-1315



Police Department – Chief Toby Meloro – (330) 759-1315

Fire Department – Chief Gus Birch – (330) 759-0363

Zoning Department – Mr. Jim Rodway – (330) 759-1315

Road Department – Tim Monroe – (330) 746-7044