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Liberty Parks

Spend some time in Liberty parks

Parks have reopened. Please click and read the guidelines below before visiting.

Park Guidelines

Mission Statement

Liberty Township has a two-fold responsibility with respect to our park system:

We are entrusted to preserve and protect the natural setting and resources
within our parks.

 We are also responding to the public needs and desires for recreation and
enjoyment of these parks.

Therefore, it is our pledge to:

  • Ensure clean grounds and facilities for our families to enjoy
  • Beautify and maintain all structures we have placed in our parks.
  • Provide a safe environment for all.
  • Respect the natural beauty and surroundings of our parks by preserving their integrity.


Center Park is situated behind the Township Administration Building. Address: 1315 Churchill Hubbard Rd, Youngstown OH 44505. Center Park is primarily a baseball complex comprised of 5 baseball fields, a gazebo, playground equipment, 3 picnic shelters, a concession stand and permanent bathrooms. The official season for this park is the first of May through September.

The Liberty Township Baseball Association works in conjunction with the Township to maintain and support this facility. Instructional League Baseball through Colt League Baseball is played here for benefit of our community youth. Reservation for the Gazebo and 2 picnic shelters are available on a limited basis and can be obtained by contacting The Township Administration Offices 7AM to 3PM daily.


Church Hill Park is nestled in a 14 acre, serene, wooded setting where area families can enjoy many activities in peaceful surroundings. Located on the west side of Rt. 193, just South of Rt. 304.

Church Hill was established in 1930. The park amenities include: a softball field, 2 picnic shelters, nature trails, playground equipment, sand volleyball, bocce court, creek, stage, deck for entertainment, and permanent restrooms. Park events: Softball leagues & private party reservations.

The park is open May 1st through October 1st. Reservations can be obtained beginning 1st Monday in February for that year by calling our Township Administration Offices between business hours 7AM to 3PM daily. Fees Due at booking. Proof of Residency required.


Township Parks
Liberty Township, Ohio – All rights reserved.
A.  DISTURBING THE PEACE – No person shall disturb the peace by fighting, quarreling with loud voices or shouts, nor threaten violence to the person or property of others, nor act in a riotous, disorderly or boisterous manner, nor use obscene, profane or abusive language in the parks.
B.  BEGGING, SOLICITING – No person shall beg or solicit in any manner, or for any reason, in the parks
C.  LOITERING -No person shall loiter in or near any building, structure or motor vehicle in the parks.
D.  ASSEMBLAGE – Persons shall not gather in groups for unlawful purposes nor shall any person or person or group of persons be disorderly or annoy, harass or inflict property damage or bodily injury upon another person or persons in the parks.
E.  GAMBLING – No person shall gamble or conduct games of chance in any form in the parks, except for certain civic or community events with advance written consent from the Board of Township Trustees.
F.  RIGHTS OF OTHERS – All persons shall conduct themselves at all times with due regards to the rights of others in the use and enjoyment of the parks.

A.  DEFACEMENT, DESTRUCTION, REMOVAL – No person shall, in any way, injure, deface, destroy, disturb or remove any part of a building, sign, equipment or other structure or property, or any tree, flower, shrub, plant or other vegetation, or rock, earth or mineral located in the parks.

A.  LITTERING, DUMPING, RUBBISH AND GARBAGE – No person shall discard of dump, within the parks, any paper, garbage, ashes, bottles, cans, refuse or foreign materials of any description, except in receptacles provided for that purpose.
B.  PICNIC REFUSE – Refuse, garbage and any other refuse of a picnic or other permitted activity shall be deposited in receptacles provided for such purposes. Pavilions and shelters must be left in a neat, orderly fashion.
C.  NOXIOUS AND OFFENSIVE MATERIALS – No person shall throw or drain any noxious or offensive materials into any park drain, ditch, ground or waters.

A.  ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES – No person shall possess an open container of any alcoholic beverage or intoxicating liquor in the parks.
B.  PUBLIC INTOXICATION – No person is permitted to be in a state of intoxication within the parks.

A.  DOGS AND CATS – Dogs and cats are permitted in the parks only if the animal is leashed and controlled at all times. Dogs and cats are not permitted on athletic fields, playground areas, or plant beds.
B.  DROPPINGS – Dog and cat droppings must be removed from the parks immediately by the person in control of the animal.
Dogs and cats are not permitted to defecate or urinate on athletic fields, playground areas, trails or walk / pathways.
C.  OTHER ANIMALS – Other than dogs and cats, no household pets, domestic or exotic animals are permitted in the parks.

A.  FIREARMS, EXPLOSIVES – No person shall carry nor discharge firearms of any description, air, gas or pellet guns, slingshots, explosives (other than fireworks, see B.) or dangerous weapons of any kind, within the parks.
B.  FIREWORKS – No person shall carry or discharge fireworks of any description within the parks, except for certain civic or community events with advance written consent from the Board of Township Trustees.
C.  BOWS AND ARROWS – No person shall carry or use bows, crossbows, longbows or arrows within the parks.

A.  HUNTING, TRAPPING, MOLESTING WILDLIFE – No person shall hunt, pursue with dogs, trap or in any way molest or harm any wild bird or animal and / or their nests, within the parks

A.  SALES – No person shall sell, or offer for sale, any article, service or subscription, in the parks, unless such sale of offer is pursuant to a contract with the Board of Township Trustees.
B.  COLLECTION – No person shall solicit donations, or collections, for any purpose, in the parks, without advance written consent from the Board of Township Trustees.

A.  PUBLIC MEETINGS / SPEECHES – Persons shall not gather in groups for the purpose of holding a public meeting or engage in marching, driving or in a demonstration as members of a political, military or other organization, nor shall any persons or person deliver public speeches in the parks without advance written consent from the Board of Township Trustees.
B.  POSTING, DISPLAYING, DISTRIBUTING SIGNS OR LITERATURE – No person shall erect, display or distribute any sign, advertisement, literature, or circular of any type in the parks without advance written consent from the Board of Township Trustees.

A.  FIRES – No person shall build a fire within the parks except in cooking grills provided for that purpose. Hot ashes are to be dumped in containers provided in the parks.
B.  PORTABLE GRILLS – No person shall use a privately owned portable picnic grill inside pavilions, shelters, buildings, or on picnic tables or other structures, nor dump hot ashes from portable picnic grills on grass or vegetation, or in drains, ditches or waters in the parks. Hot ashes are to be dumped in the containers provided in the parks.

A.  CAMPING – No person shall camp or sleep overnight nor erect tents or temporary lodging or sleeping facilities in the parks without advance written consent from the Board of Township Trustees.

A.  OPERATION OF MOTOR VEHICLES – The operation of motor vehicles using any park drives shall, at all times, be in compliance with all motor vehicle laws of the state of Ohio and local ordinances, as applicable.
B.  ALL TERRAIN VEHICLES, SNOWMOBILES, MINI-BIKES, GO-CARTS – No person shall operate an all terrain vehicle, a snowmobile, mini-bike, go-cart, vehicle normally considered a racing vehicle, or any other type of motor vehicle not customarily registered or titled with the State Bureau of Motor Vehicles in the parks.
C.  MOTORCYCLES – Motorcycles, regardless of street or off road designation, are only permitted on park drives and parking areas. Under no circumstances are motor cycles permitted on trails, walk / pathways, athletic fields, playground areas, or any other areas in the park not designated for use by motor vehicles.
D.  BICYCLES – Bicycles are not permitted to be operated on trails, walk / pathways, plant beds, athletic fields, court areas, or play ground areas in the park.
E.  TRAILS – No person shall operate a vehicle of any kind, including bicycles, on park trails or walk / pathways. Trails and walk / pathways throughout the park are for pedestrian use only.
F.  SPEED LIMIT – Motor vehicles using park drives must comply with posted speed limit signs.
G.  PARKING – The parking of any motor vehicle is permitted only in designated parking areas. No parking is permitted along park drives, on lawn areas, or at entrances to parking areas, drives, or other areas designated NO PARKING areas, that would hinder access to maintenance or emergency vehicles.

A.  PARK HOURS – Township parks will be open from 8:30 a.m. to dusk from May 1 to approximately October 31. No persons, except parties holding permits for use of the park facilities, or participants in park operated activities and park employees on duty shall remain in the parks during posted hours of closing.
B.  CLOSING OF FACILITIES – The Liberty Township Board of Trustees may close any park facility, or cease any park activity at any time, wherein the Board’s judgment such facility or activity is deemed unsafe or the best interest, general well being and safety of the public is not being served.

A.  SAFETY – Liberty Township Parks exist for the benefit and use of the general public. The Township will make every attempt to ensure that reasonable care is taken to make the parks safe. The general public is advised that their use of all park facilities is at their own risk.
B.  UNSAFE CONDITIONS – If, during the use of park facilities, any person or persons recognizes an unsafe condition existing in the parks, they are asked to contact an one of the following:
1. Park Superintendent at (330) 759-1511
2. Any Park Department personnel working in the park.
3. The Liberty Township Board of Trustees
C.  IMMINENT DANGER – If the unsafe condition is classified as imminent danger or life threatening, you are urged to call the Liberty Township Police – 911.

A.  FAILURE TO COMPLY – No person shall refuse to comply with any reasonable order of any park official relating to any specific facility or activity, regulations or these general rules and regulations, or willfully resist, obstruct, or abuse any park official in the execution of their duty.
B.  PENALTIES – Violation of these general rules and regulations of any specific facility or activity regulation could result in expulsion from the parks and possible prosecution in court, where applicable.
C.  OTHER REGULATIONS – In addition to these general rules and regulations, park visitors are also subject to the rules and regulations, park visitors are also subject to the rules and regulations of specific park facilities and activities and to State and Federal Law, and Local Ordinances, as applicable.

A.  RESERVATIONS – Persons may reserve park facilities by calling the Township Administration Building, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., at (330) 759-1315. A Request for Use of Park Facilities form must be completed, with approval granted upon receipt of payment. Request form and full payment must be received no later than 2 weeks (14 days) after request to ensure reservation.
Failure to return Request for and payment within 2 weeks of reservation request will result in forfeiture of reservation. If, for some unforeseen reason, you cannot use the park facility on the day of your reservation, any deposit and / or payment will be refunded.
Reservations are accepted only for the current year, beginning the first week of February.
B.  CHARGES – Charges for park facilities are as follows:

Church Hill Park

Large Pavilion     Resident/Non Resident
———————-$125.00     $225.00
Small Pavilion        $50.00     $75.00


Township Center Park

Shelters 1,2,3 & Gazebo $ 75.00 For the Whole park.
Baseball / Softball fields may also be used with pavilion / shelter reservations, provided use does not interfere with preparation and / or use of fields by organized leagues.